Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The First Feeling Of You !!! ( : A TRUE STORY : )


Chocolate Factory In Malaysia - Dec 2011.

They just got married in Nov.2011...

And where on their first trip together ... Yes .. Yes .. It was their Honeymoon...Honeymoon To Malaysia... !

It was a Chocolate Factory.. As, soon as they entered there, a lady standing at the door gave them a sticker to stick it on them...

They are now finally inside the Chocolate factory.. surrounded with lots and lots of Chocolates ... and off-course Love..:)

The Girl, She got busy watching chocolates ... Suddenly , She found her self all alone there ... She started searching him...and thought he might have gone outside the factory ...

But boy went to other section to buy some chocolates for her ..

She was heading towards the Exit... There at counter the receptionist asked her to show the sticker ( which was given while entering )

Sticker was not there on her shoulder where she stick it..

The Receptionist asked her whether she is alone or with some one... She got little nervous ... She was not listening to the receptionist.. Her eyes were searching him...

The receptionist asked her again .." Madam, You Are Alone Or With Someone ?"

This time she was listening to the receptionist ... She realized that .. Yes she is with her Husband..

She answered to receptionist ( with a smile) ..." Yes ! Yes , I am with my husband."

This moment was very special for her.. Coz, this was the first time she mentioned him as her husband... It was not just an answer to the receptionist , but an answer for so many questions to her ..

She was now feeling shy...

The Receptionist  .. " Madam, Are You Newly Married ?" 

She replied .. "Yes , Why? "

Receptionist .. " Madam, You Took Time To Say That You Are With Your Husband..: ) "

She smiled ... And the boy came... She gave him a smile... He smiled back...

But, he didn't understood the reason behind her smile.. She was smiling because .. Now, she understood that he is not just someone...

He is her Husband.. A Life Partner.. And she is not alone.. Not At all..  :)

The Receptionist gave her a smile and asked .. " Is He Your Husband ? "

She smiled and couldn't speak a word due to shy.

Receptionist asked him to show his sticker ... and billed the chocolates.

The Couple left from the chocolate factory... But, the sweetness of relationship can be still seen on the girl's face..

She was soo happy.. And was smiling... Boy thought she liked sweet chocolates and that's why she is soo happy..:)

But, Today that Girl wanna let Boy know ...

" I Was Smiling Because That Day I Realized ... You Are My Husband.. My Life.. My Soul mate..   "

"May It Be A Chocolate Factory Or Life ... As, We Entered Together ... We Will Exit Together And Will Walk Together... And In Times We Are Apart.. I Will Wait For You Till The Time You Join Me Back With A Smile..  :)"

The Couple Was Me & My Husband.. Yes.. Now, Again With A Smile.. I Am Mentioning Him My Husband...:)

That Moment Has Become An Unforgettable Moment Of My Life..

The Sweetness Of Chocolates brought from Chocolate factory might have finished , but the Sweetness of love i brought from there is still there.. And will always be there...